Preorder Femometer Vinca II, Ivy & Butterfly now and get them in Early August. We appreciate your love~

Smart Basal Thermometer for Fertility & Pregancy Tracking

Track the smallest of fluctuations in your BBT chart to see your fertile window and pinpoint ovulation. Femometer Vinca is accurate & efficient and measures your temperature with a precision of up to 0.09. Vinca works with the Femometer app and combines BBT data with other symptoms to give you a complete understanding of your fertile window and ovulation. With its slim design Vinca looks almost like a lipstick, so it's easy to carry with you, whenever you need it.

Ovulation Tracker for Hormone Testing

Want to track your ovulation down to hours, not days? Let us introduce you to the lovely Femometer Ivy. Femometer Ivy has been designed to be super-sensitive when it comes to detecting the changes of your LH concentration, one of the major indicators of the exact moment of the ovulation.

Cycle-friendly Body Fat Scale

Butterfly is a body composition monitor... if you want to be fancy. To the rest of us though, it's an educated set of bathroom scales designed for women. Butterfly will help you track major physiological signs including weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, basal metabolism and even water percentage. Tracking these details will help you to notice how your body is affected by your menstrual cycle while motivating you to eat well and stay active.