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Smart Basal Thermometer for Fertility & Ovulation Tracking

Track the smallest fluctuations in your BBT chart to see your fertile window and pinpoint ovulation. Femometer Vinca is discreet in design but accurate & efficient in measuring your BBT. Vinca works with the Femometer app to give you a complete understanding of your fertile window & ovulation, by combining BBT data with other major fertility symptoms.

Ovulation Tracker for Hormone Testing

Want to have ovulation predictor kits (opk's) that are easier to read but identify your fertile window with better precision? Femometer Ivy has been designed to give you a simple test result of Low, Peak or High, and Ivy works with the Femometer app to show your unique LH curve in more detail.

Cycle-friendly Body Fat Scale

Keep an eye on how your body changes throughout your menstrual cycle. Femometer Butterfly is a body fat scale that helps you track major physiological signs including weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, basal metabolism... Butterfly works Femometer app as well to autosync & record your measurement.