Changes in Your Body that Could Be Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Our bodies go some wild and wonderful changes during pregnancy, and some of them start almost straight away and can be used to identify early pregnancy. Here are some of the ways your body changes, but remember, many are similar to the signs your period is on its way. The best way to work out which is which? Keep a log in your Femometer app so you know your typical period symptoms.

Sore/Heavy/Swollen breasts

Time: 6 DPO onwards

Many women already recognize the changes in their breasts through their typical cycle, but sore breasts in pregnancy can feel even fuller and heavier than usual. Breast soreness as an early pregnancy symptom may mean that your breasts feel painful to touch and that some of your ‘usually comfortable’ underwear feels impossible to wear! Breast changes and sensitivity are caused by the increase in progesterone levels that occurs in early pregnancy and will usually start 1-2 weeks after ovulation. Essentially, these symptoms can be blamed on the body preparing to be a feeding machine for a hungry baby!

Sensitive nipples

Time: 6 DPO onwards

Sensitive nipples are a common early pregnancy symptom. You may feel tingling or slight pain. You may find that your nipples are much more likely to be erect than usual and feel uncomfortable against clothing. You nipples may become darker and you might see more little bumps that look like goose-bumps which are actually lubricant supplying glands.


Time: 6 DPO onwards

Early pregnancy symptoms can be pretty mean. Bloating in early pregnancy can be both uncomfortable and make you look as if you’re already a few months down the line! The bloating is caused by an increase in progesterone which slows the digestive system down and leads to a build-up of gas. 

Dry mouth

Time: 10 DPO onwards

Some women find that they experience a dry mouth in early pregnancy. This is caused by the fact that the body is gearing up to support a baby and needs to increase its blood volume by half, which takes a lot of fluid! Unfortunately, having a dry mouth and drinking more water may also lead to needed to go to the loo more often… another early pregnancy symptom!  

Swollen lady parts

Time: 7 DPO onwards

Higher levels of progesterone relax the muscles of the blood vessels. This means they get bigger and allow more blood to flow to your vagina. This usually ends up in a darkening of the vulva and swelling of the clitoris. It also increases sensitivity and could explain an increase in sex drive and orgasms!

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