He is my reason to fight with the whole world. All for his best.

I'm from Romania, I am 25 yrs old

I am feeling proud to be a "mommy", it's unique this feeling.

First time I've tried for 5 yrs. Story start like this: I had a relationship of 5 yrs, in which we decided to unite ours destinies, all doctors that I went to, was saying that I am very fertille, but at the time passed I didn't remained and started to cry and fall deeply in stress and was feeling more and more depresed, I started to think at all possibilityes to become a parent.

I took in consideration even an adoption. I was desperate, I felt that is time to be a mommy deep in my heart I was feeling ready in all ways, But in 2019 in january my life took a different road. 

The actual husband at that time cheated on me and threated me in a very toxic way, then I decided to stop the relationship (because wasn't the first time).

As days passed I started to become depressed more and more. I was convinced that I don't need any other relationship for that moment, but in the same year, in march, I met someone, someone who raised my entire mood and I felt I cand start all over, in may we moved together, he insisted to try to become parents, we both wished so much a baby, in june we tried for the first time, but I didn't remained and all my hopes felt down, in July 2019 we tried again ( was the second attempt).

In august my cicle didn't came but for me that wasn't an actual sign because I never had my cicle regular, was very very irregular and was during 8 days rarely 7 .

I remember that I was monitoring my breast pain with femometer app and I realized that I've passed the max number (14 days was usually breast pain keep at me until the next perios start) but until the end of august month I had 20 days, I started to have doubts, but I didn't wanted to hope again cuz I know that if I am not I will be sad again, in one night while I was taking a shower I noticed white little bubbles on my breasts, which eas very weird, later in that night my right leg started to grow bigger and bigger , I didn't thinked as a possible sign of pregnancy.

Next few days I had a very extreme cold down (there) u know what I mean. After all this episodes we both decided to take a test, I bought 2 test but I didnt had the courage to do them yet. After that we decided to make the civil wedding.

I was calling my parents announcing them that we wish to make the civil wedding, and my mom asked me to wait atleast 1 month for our fammily to be united at the special day, and she said I quote " you are not pregnant from what I know, to hurry the wedding and to make it tomorrow" and after I closed the call I took the decision to make the test, the second line appeared immediatly and I was shocked, I felt alot of emotions and in the same time because of the shock I was keep telling, "no, omg, no, yes, my dream became reality, thank you god" and of course I started to call my mom and tell to the whole fam that we will have a new member, my fiance at that time, took me and we both was to an ecography and I had 6 weeks of pregnancy at that moment, we both cried alot of happiness, 2 days after we got in my natal city to make the civil wedding but he vannished, he got at the car without telling me and he was leaving, I called him and he kept telling me that he is chosing his parents , and I was asking him if he is willing to abandon us for God know what reasons he is having, and he said yes, he abandoned us in the day of civil wedding, I had a shock, I didn't and I still don't know the true reason, because of him then I was very close to lose my baby. How? I decided to keep the baby despite that he abandoned us,Well, I cried 2 days in a row, I was in a total emmotional shock, my mom got me to a second ecopraghy , and I started to bleed at the cabinet, and I was very lucky that this happend exactly there cuz the doctor could help us in time to save the baby.

Now we are in our road to 7 months, and we are growing up, we found out that we are a little boy. He never called to find more about the baby, he is living his life like we never existed in his life.

We ( me and the baby) started our road without thinking one moment to leave each other. Little baby is a fighter, my parents are very supportive and help us with everything, in few months he (the baby) will meet for the first time this world.

I am proud to be a future mommy, even if I am a single mommy. I know this wouldn't be easy, but I am decided to do all my best for my little angel.

Sorry for my english (or for gram mistakes) this isn't my main languace, obviously. Yes I was unlucky at mens, but I was very lucky that my angel appeared in my life in the most critical moment of my life.

He is my reason to fight with the whole world.

All for his best.

My only fertility issue was the absence or very few progesteron in my body, but doc said to take one pill per day until 7-8 months.

Yes in those 5 years of ttc (unknowing that the other person was actual the infertil one) I was taking 1 pill per day of an anonimous mark of pills (which was supposed to help in conceive) my biggest mistake because I was very fertille. I didn't knew then, but now I know it for sure. Thank God I wasn't affected by those.

Yea, I wasn't stressed at all, now looking back in time I realise that I wasn't stressed at all in the months I remained pregnant.

Being "stressless" is my most advice for getting pregnant.

My only simptoms ( early ones ) was the breast pain which lasts for too long 20 days in a row, the swelling of the right foot, the little cold down there, and the apparition on the nipples of little white bubbles which was temporaly.

I would like to advice all community which is TTC, to never give up to their dreams. Never !