I’m currently enjoying feeling my baby’s movements, hiccups

My name is Nicole and I am 29 years old from Calgary Alberta Canada

I’ve been married to my husband Eric for 2.5 years and we have a beloved 7 year old beagle named Charlie. Charlie is going to have to learn to share the spot light as we are expecting our first baby in May.

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the home stretch 

The first trimester was very difficult as I was sick all day everyday. Second trimester started off rocky battling low blood pressure and feeling faint which lasted a few weeks. It’s been smooth sailing ever since and I’ve been enjoying my pregnancy.

It took us 6 months to conceive this baby  but we unfortunately had two early miscarriages ( both before 6 weeks) prior to it.

I tracked my BBT using Femometer for all of my cycles  during my TTC journey and it really helped me understand my body, my cycles and pin point ovulation. On my 6 month where we ended up with a healthy pregnancy the only thing I did differently was my husband and I went away for a little trip to relax around the time I was going to ovulate. I wasn’t as focused on trying to get pregnant and just spent the time relaxing. Wether that had anything to do with it, I don’t know but it seemed to work for us!

My advice to anyone going through their TTC journey is to surround yourself with a positive and supportive network. Wether that be close friends or family or online forums. The journey can be so lonely, frustrating and at times heartbreaking so having that network is really important. Be open and honest with your partner  and make sure you check in on how their holding up because it can be difficult for them too.

First symptoms in all three pregnancies was implantation bleeding around 7-8 DPO. No other symptoms until after I tested and had positive pregnancy test.

I’m currently enjoying feeling my baby’s movements, hiccups and seeing a little personality develop based on certain noises and touches. I’m looking forward to meeting this little baby. My husband and I have decided not to find out the sex of our baby so it will make the big delivery day all the more exciting!

I wish everyone on the TTC love and strength and hope they all are successful in their journey.