As a Registered Nurse I am very aware How Helpless many women feel

Hello,  I am Jodi I am 24 from Alberta Canada. 

We are 24 weeks and 2 days along in expecting our first child! I have been feeling really good, a little bit of sickness and GERD - but nothing too exciting! We decided to start trying on our honeymoon and actually came home pregnant. 

I had bought the femtometer because as a Registered Nurse I am very aware how long it can take to conceive and how helpless many women feel.  Therefore, I thought if I could do SOMETHING to feel like I had an ounce of control, I wanted to try. 

Plus, I thought if there was to be an issue, I could go to the doctor with my data that I had been collecting and maybe get some additional insights into any issues. 

We were fully prepared for the expected six month to a year of TTC - however we were fortunate enough to get really lucky in our first month of trying. 

I think it helped that we didn't change our lives to start trying, we weren't worried about trying and we had realistic expectations about the fact that it usually takes six months to a year to conceive. 

The morning I found out, I woke up for work (the day before expecting my period), took my temp (which was still high), and went to make the bed and my breasts hurt so bad which is weird for me. 

So being incredibly curious, I dipped my urine and the test was glaringly positive immediately.  Then I had to spend the entire day keeping the information to myself before I could tell my husband.. His reaction, "I thought this was supposed to take longer!" LOL we were both mystified and so in love with our Hawaii baby. 

The final thing I want to say to the TTC community - is this is already going to be an exciting and stressful time for you both, if you have family and friends that are putting added pressure on you to "make a baby" please address it early. 

Let them know that you love that they are excited but when there is something to know, then they will know, but until then to keep their comments and questions to themselves. 

You will be battling enough with your own inner demons as the journey goes on so you need their love not their million questions about your uterus! :)