femometer Ivy, ovulation tracker, LH test, hormone testing, ovulation test kits, ovulation predictor kits
femometer Ivy, ovulation tracker, LH test, hormone testing, ovulation test kits, ovulation predictor kits
femometer Ivy, ovulation tracker, LH test, hormone testing, ovulation test kits, ovulation predictor kits
femometer Ivy, ovulation tracker, LH test, hormone testing, ovulation test kits, ovulation predictor kits
Femometer Ivy

Femometer Ivy

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Well, we've all been there, squinting at a test strip, trying to work out whether it's high or peak. How hard is it to read those test strips?!

Entering Femometer Ivy 

- Read your ovulation test strips with ease and directly displays the test results as a simple Low, High & Peak reading as well as giving you access to the full data in the Femometer app. 

- Draws your unique LH curve to help you better understand your fertile window.

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Why Ivy?

  • "Understand Your Unique LH Trends"

    Use the Femometer app to access further information. See the numerical value and trend of your LH levels at any time.

  • "Never Miss the Chance"

    Ivy can help you identify your fertile window with better precision. Get ready to time your baby dancing perfectly!

  • "So Easy!"

    Never squint at a test strip again! Ivy makes the results so obvious and easy to read.

  • "Data Knows Where & When to Go"

    Data captured. Data saved. Time recorded. Done.

How to use Ivy

  • Download the Femometer app, uncap your Femometer and pair them up once and for all. And next time they will find each other on their own.

  • Remove the lid of Ivy and insert the testing strip into it as indicated on the body of the strip to the very bottom until the whole arrow disappears. When the light is flashing, Ivy is ready for your order.

  • Collect your urine in the cup included and dip the tip of testing strip into it. Hold for 15 secs. Pull it out and put the lid of the testing strip back on.

  • Place Ivy on a flat surface and wait for the testing results. LED light will flash during the process and you will hear three beeps 10 minutes later to signal the finish. The result is right there on the LED light. And data will be autosynced into the app for your own records.

Download the Femometer app

Measure, track & learn everything about your cycle.
Understand (and love) your menstrual health.

Measure, track & learn everything about your cycle. Understand (and love) your menstrual health.

Product specs

  • Measurements & Dimensions


    Product Name: Femometer Ivy
    Model: ST-201 Size: 129mm*27mm*17mm Weight: 57g(without Battery)
    Battery: 2*AAA batteries Service life: 5 years (Battery excluded)
    Operation conditions
    Termperature: 50 ℉ - 122 ℉ RH: 85% Pressure: 86 - 106kpa
    Storage condition
    Termperature : -13℉ - 131℉ RH:95% Pressure: 86 -106kpa

  • Materials & Certification


    Femometer Ivy is made of high-quality ABS materials, bluetooth chips of highest power-saving efficiency from Germany according to the industrial standard, analog sensors of high photosensitivity and fast response capability, and high-speed operational amplifiers with extremely low-temperature drift and high bandwidth. All the materials have gone through tests under various extreme environment.

  • Shipping & Return Policy


    Free shipping for orders over $30. $10 shipping fee for orders of $30 or below.
    Free return & refund within 7 days.

  • Warranty


    This product is warranted from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of retail purchase. It does not cover damages or wear resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use or unauthorized adjustment and repair of the product. Please direct all returns to the place of the original purchase and retain your original receipt, as you may be asked to provide a copy as the proof of the purchase. Please contact support@femometer.com for further information.

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Jessica P.
Awesome and easy!

t takes all of the guess work out of charting your cycle and does all of the work for you! One less thing you have to stress over if you're struggling TTC. Or even if you just started. No more squinting at lines and trying to figure out which ones darker and what that even means. The app is awesome it tells you literally everything you need to know about your cycle. It will even send you notifications when you need to be testing during your fertile window! And then the results of your test pop up instantly on your phone in the app and is added to your chart to tell you EXACTLY when you're going to ovulate and should (or shouldn't if using for birth control) get busy! And the ability to have your partner be able to link the app to their own phone and see all of the same info is really cool. That way you're both aware of what's going on. It made me feel less like a drill Sargent giving him orders of when we needed to get busy since he could just see it for himself. Hahaha. But I totally recommend this. I just got my BFP (big fat positive) after using this product and the app. I also started using preseed this cycle. My first cycle using those two products and I'm pregnant! After a year of trying. I definitely contribute a lot of the success to this product and the rest to preseed! This told us when it needed to happen and preseed helped in actually making it happen! I strongly recommend them both! The only even remotely negative thing I'd ever say about this is I wish i had found it a lot sooner!!!

!!!OMG!!! My New Best Friend

This product is a game changer. A long time ago I read a book called "Taking Charge of your Fertility", so I've been using the rhythm method for years now. A couple of years ago I bought the femometer thermometer. I enjoyed this because it made things very easy as it relates to keeping records. The app offered by femometer is better and more accurate than apps provided on your phones app store and for me it was also more accurate and convenient than the app provided by my primary care physician. I came across this item, recently I when looking for a new scale to replace my Fitbit arira (Femometer offers a scale called the butterfly). I was a little skeptical when I first saw this item, but fermometer was offering a special deal for Amazon customers (This deal is located below the add to cart, add to dash button icons on the Amazon website), so I figured why not. I am so happy I made this purchase. This takes so much guess work out of deciphering your LH levels. I've been doing this for years so I know my body fairly well. This ovulation predictor is very accurate. The box stated prediction will take approximately 6 to 10 minutes, but my results came in approximately 3 minutes. Refills are very reasonable priced 6 for $10 bucks. The app also comes with a great reference material. Some books are free, there are many articles and testimonies. Rather you're using this for conception or birth control This is a must-have product for women. Once you try this product you'll have to tell a friend, that's how good this product is. It's a great product for individuals who are trying to conquer the world, while being in the driver's seat of their own fertility. Again this is a game-changer that every female must know about and at least try once.

Brianna R.
Honestly AMAZED!

If you haven’t bought one to help keep track of your ovulation, I suggest buying one now! I already have the thermometer from this brand and I was looking into the Mira for digital LH measuring, but the Ivy is less than half of the cost. When I received it, I thought I’d try it on a “whim” and lo and behold! The Femometer Ivy detected a dye stealing, blazing, LH surge. I had no idea! Just to make sure, I used Femometer’s ovulation dip-stick tests as well as a wondfo, and I have no doubts on accuracy. The sensitivity is amazing and I love the no-guess feature of this device. When you’re done, the measurement result is displayed on the home screen which I found to be super convenient. The picture I included is the day AFTER my peak. I also appreciate that it comes with a battery to use so I don’t have to rush to the store looking specifically for watch batteries and can instead purchase them on my own time. Femometer does the same thing with their thermometers too! I hope in the future we can choose the color of the Ivy like we can with the thermometer, so I could have a matching set but that’s a small cosmetic thing that definitely doesn’t take away from the functionality. When purchasing keep in mind you only start with 6. Use them sparingly! The good thing is replacements are only $2 a stick, happy testing!